Staying young and healthy

Growing Younger: is it possible to reverse the aging process naturally?

(RenYou) It is often said that age is nothing but a number.  And probably this holds truth.  Chronological age does not dictate how energetic one can be.  It does not determine how glowing the skin complexion is, toned the muscles are or healthy the person is.  Haven’t you seen young people in their twenties looking sickly and pale while a middle-aged woman or man you know is bursting with energy and vitality?  In an era that seems fixated on beauty and overall physical appearance, many fall prey to harmful schemes or procedures that promise “youth” but actually do more harm than good.  

If you have ever used commercial body and facial creams – and most likely you have – then you are certainly a victim.  Almost 90 percent of these products contain harmful, cancer-causing ingredients that accelerate the aging process ironically (we will be tackling this topic in another post.)  And if you have opted for cosmetic surgeries and injecting toxic substances into your skin then you too have been a victim.  “Plastic” looks aside, surgeries do nothing to make you feel young physically, mentally and psychologically.  On the inside, you continue to feel old as your health wanes.  And they will do nothing to improve your skin, energize your body and uplift your mood.  Trying to polish the facade – while the interior continually crumbles – is not a smart policy.  

If the aforementioned approaches are not the answer then how are we to attain youth with all its benefits the proper way?  The answer to this question is multifaceted.  There is no one route or a single magic pill.  But to cut a long story short, scientific research has been for years showing how our lifestyle plays a major role.  What you eat and how you cook it, how physically active you are, which supplements you use, how deep your sleep is and others are just a few issues that play a major role in achieving this goal.  

In future posts, I will be tackling all these issues individually and will share with you the scientifically proven techniques known to improve overall health.  Growing wrinkly and old is no longer subject to the ticking of a clock.  You have more power and leverage to reverse the aging process than you might have previously thought.  Stay tuned for future posts and drop me a line if you have subjects you wish to see tackled in upcoming posts.

Richard Labaki