Stress Management

Adaptogens: the rise of the mighty stress busters


(RenYou) I am writing this blog post under the baking sun of the Indian Ocean.  Waves expanding and receding continuously a few inches away from my feet; the sounds are so soothing that I would not mind frying here all day.  But being a man of conscience, I feel guilty for enjoying such a euphoric experience on this secluded tropical beach as you all toil, sweat and feel trapped behind your desk job all day – only to get stuck for hours in traffic on your way back home.  While you worry about mounting bills, tight deadlines and other regular stressors of modern life, I sit here worrying about getting the right tone of tan.  I truly wish I could invite you all here, but unfortunately I cannot.  Plus, you wouldn’t even be able to locate the remote island that I am on right now.  Yes, life is a....

Disregard the aforementioned paragraph – it is anything but the truth.  Fact is I am still here in the real world, struggling and dealing with daily stress just like everyone else.  However, I am constantly doing my best to keep my stress levels in check.  Why?  The answer is too long to be addressed in a single article (I will be elaborating more in future blog posts.)  But for now, let’s just say that stress has a detrimental impact on your overall well-being, life span and physical looks.  Highly stressed people have shorter life spans, poorer health and a serious inability to manage their body weight.  Plus, wrinkles thrive in stressed out people.  Don’t shoot the messenger; I am simply stating facts uncovered by scientific research and observation. 

And so one of the tactics I employ to better deal with overall stress is through using a certain class of herbs/roots known by the scientific community as adaptogens.  In simple terms, what these therapeutic powerhouses do is empower and bolster your body.  You become more adept at handling stressful situations; your body would be more able to withstand the daily assaults.  In other words, while you cannot stop the enemy (stress) from besieging your fortress (body), you can at least fortify it and make it stronger.  And adaptogens play an integral role in your quest to ward off the attacks of stress.

When your body produces high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and over an extended period, many health issues begin to arise.  Poor mental capacities, blood sugar imbalances, decreased bone density and muscle tissue, higher blood pressure, poor immunity and increased abdominal fat are just some of the implications.  And most adaptogens do a great job in regulating cortisol. 

Some of my favorite herbs/roots belonging to this class include Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Panax Ginseng, Holy Basil and others.  Each one has its unique way of bringing balance to the body and making it stronger.  I have personally used and experimented with adaptogens, and I have recommended them to clients who were utterly stressed.  Results were nothing short of promising. 

In upcoming blog posts, I will be tackling each one of these amazing herbs/roots.  So stay tuned.  And drop me a line if you have any remarks or questions.


Richard Labaki


Disclaimer: Just because they were invented by Mother Nature does not mean that herbs and roots could be used by anyone.  Always consult with a specialist before use, as there are restrictions and guidelines: interactions with certain medications, allergies, pregnancy, lactation and others.