Real People; Real Results

Slowly but Surely
One woman's path to reclaiming health, energy and vitality

  • Name: Tatiana L.
  • Age: 33
  • Location: Dubai
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Tatiana’s main purpose was to burn excess body-fat; a goal she shared with almost every other woman I have come across in my lifetime and in my practice.  But for an amateur athlete who has been highly active all her life, an expanding waistline was a sight too much to comprehend – let alone bear.  She just couldn’t wrap her head around the notion that despite the active lifestyle, her body started going the opposite direction at one point.  It just didn’t make sense!  Why, despite my constant exercising does my weight keep increasing, she lamented.  

But the weight issue was not the only problem.  Tatiana complained about her lack of energy, and she was experiencing poor mood.  This in turn was negatively affecting her outlook on life; productivity both in her personal and professional life suffered heavily.  In other words, the problem was spilling over into other areas of her life; it was no longer just an issue of physical appearance.  Tatiana understood that something needed to be done, and fast.    

“I want to lose weight, but I also want to regain my zest for life,” she told me, after we were introduced through mutual friends.  “And I don’t want to follow a fad diet to lose weight only to regain the kilos and more after a while – this has happened to me far too many times in the past – not to mention the fact that ‘diets’ drain me both physically and psychologically.  I simply want to increase my energy while better managing my weight.”

I knew there and then that the two of us could collaborate and achieve the desired results.  Unlike many others, she properly understood the facts and knew the right direction to take.  After conducting various tests over multiple sessions, I concluded that several elements were contributing to her physical and psychological issues. 

The first problem was false eating habits.  For too long now, the media has been wrongfully ingraining in people’s mind that counting calories is the path to losing weight and attaining health.  But not only is this doctrine false and impractical, it could also be counterproductive both in terms of weight management and overall health.  I explained to Tatiana that not all calories are created equal.  A calorie from processed foods like breads, cakes and corn flakes is very different from a calorie of an avocado or an almond – totally different effects on the health and body.

Her test results also revealed that she is suffering from something called insulin resistance – a condition whereby the body becomes unable to handle and process blood sugar properly.  Insulin resistance, in addition to wreaking havoc on the body, makes it very difficult for the person to lose weight.  And guess what contributes to this condition?  A diet rich in processed foods and unhealthy sugars is one of the contributors to this problem.  The assessment sessions also revealed a myriad of other conditions like hypothyroidism (clumsy thyroid which affects the metabolism and health in general) and certain nutrient deficiencies. 

So to properly address Tatiana’s problems in terms of weight management, mood and energy, the program had to factor in all the imbalances in her body.  And this could only be done by recommending proper food choices and eating habits, certain high-grade supplements and specific lifestyle habits – all this to create a foundation over which health and improved physical appearance could flourish. 

Tatiana believed in the program right from the start and her firm commitment reflects that.  Initially, her physical measurements progressed slowly, but we are now beginning to see significant improvements.  So far five centimetres from around the hips and four centimetres from around the waist have been lost.  And the centimetres lost never returned – unlike when a person tries to lose weight drastically following a fad or crash diet.  Most importantly, Tatiana’s energy reserves have been filling up slowly but surely.  Currently, she is back to being highly active again – surfing once a week, in addition to engaging in high intensity interval training sessions and various other activities. 

With every cm she drops around the waist, Tatiana looks more radiant and has more energy than she ever had before.  And now she understands that the road to vitality is not a straight line from the bottom to the top.  It is, in fact, an oscillating journey that continues to go up despite the occasional lows.