Adding years to life; adding life to years

RenYou is a revolutionary natural health program developed by holistic therapist Richard Labaki to help you defy the aging process and even reverse it.  Based on sound and time-honored scientific principles, this unique program incorporates the latest findings in the realms of genetics, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, physical exercise and stress management to help you heal your body, transform your life and live longer and healthier.  Did you know that your chronological age differs from your biological age?  You may be a 33-year-old for example, but internally you may be a 50-year-old due to unhealthy lifestyle choices or illness.  A simple series of tests and questionnaires on this program will distinguish your biological age and chronological age, and a customized plan will be formulated to ensure you start aging backwards.  By incorporating natural supplements, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, you will be astounded by your improved physical appearance (healthier skin, better weight management and others), improved mood, increased cognitive functioning and heightened sexual performance.  RenYou can do that and so much more for you.