Why You're Chronically Fatigued

By Richard Labaki

Imagine how much more productive your day could be if your body generated ample energy and was able to sustain it from morning till evening – think of how much more you could accomplish at the workplace and in your personal life as a result. The sad reality is that many people’s goals, dreams and aspirations are simply hindered by a lack of physical and mental energy.  "Fatigue" is a common complaint I often hear from people visiting for a consultation. This symptom seems to be pervasive regardless of the health condition – be it digestive, hormonal or any other. And the way most individuals attempt to address this problem is through the over-consumption of caffeine and energy drinks or through the intake of generic multivitamins. But the truth is none of these approaches ever work, especially over the long run. Why? Simply because “fatigue” is only a symptom that could emerge from a myriad of root causes. And unless these root causes are properly diagnosed and resolved then no amount of espressos or energy drinks will ever tackle the issue.

Fatigue is only a symptom that could emerge from a myriad of root causes. And unless these root causes are properly diagnosed and resolved then no amount of espressos or energy drinks will ever tackle the issue

Tired, exhausted, depleted    

Most people suffering from debilitating symptoms like chronic fatigue seek out a wonder drug, a “superfood” or a promising supplement they read about online. Their hope is that by taking a pill, eating some nutritious food or drinking a smoothie they would somehow put an end to their misery. However, this rarely makes any difference. To understand why you feel tired and lethargic all day long, you need to accurately pinpoint what is depleting your energy reserves (or impeding your body from generating the required energy in the first place.)

If, for example, you suffer from insomnia then resolving this matter should be a priority. The root cause of your fatigue in this case is the lack of proper sleep. You are just not sleeping deep enough or long enough to “recharge your batteries”. Solving this issue entails a holistic approach in terms of modifying your lifestyle habits and nightly rituals, improving your diet and probably ingesting a sleep-inducing supplement like Melatonin or Valerian.  

If you are deficient in certain nutrients like vitamin B12 (due to an imbalanced diet or gastric bypass surgery) then surely you will be feeling exhausted for most parts of the day. And the solution in this case is to supplement with a good vitamin B12 formula, modify your food choices and empower the digestive system to assimilate properly this crucial vitamin. So as you can see, for a solution to work it needs to factor in the root cause of your fatigue. 

Bear in mind that it is not always a matter of improper sleep or nutritional deficiencies. Others causes behind chronic fatigue include hormonal imbalance like hypothyroidism (a sluggish thyroid gland), heavy metal toxicity brought about by environmental and nutritional factors, chronic infections due to a weakened immune system, low levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut, high levels of oxidative stress and various other contributors. And for each of the aforementioned root causes is a specific healing approach. 

Engine at full throttle

It is often said that a problem defined is half-solved. Through a series of lab tests and in-depth questionnaires, a clearer picture will begin to emerge. And once it becomes apparent as to why you are constantly low on energy, a plan could be then put in motion to address whatever root causes are contributing to your fatigue. One of the most gratifying responses clients report after following a customized plan is how much more energy they have to conduct their best work, how much more time they are able to spend playing with their children and how much more confident they are in their mental and physical abilities. Many seem fixated on maintaining youthful looks nowadays and that is just fine; we all wish to look young for as long as we can. But what good would that do us if we look 10 years younger yet our energy levels continue to decline as we age. There is no point in looking youthful without being able to spring out of bed every morning and engage life with all our might!

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